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My current work is concerned with memory and is entitled «  Mood  Pillars ».

I collect memories and gather them together. These memories are formated in a specific way to obtain an aesthetic style : cheerful, colorful, slender and quirky shapes.

If I choose to use the word « mood », it’s because of the idea of the changes and variations which are involved. the main purpose of this body of work is to preserve a sens of freeedom in the movement and in the evocation.

The Mood Pillars are receptacles created with piles of divers ingredients. They express condensed essence of feelings either real or imaginary from travel or coming up from older memories. They can be personal or public stories. Diverse types are blended together : architectural, historical characters, current times or bygone eras.

The purpose is to get caught by a series of idea, the chance plays an important role in the elaboration of the pillars, rather like surrealist collages but in ceramic.

The ceramic medium brings together these fragments of memorie cohabit in an artistic universe.

The static aspect of ceramic is sometimes interrupted with video memories which are inlayd in the structure.

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