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PPP: Paintings, tablets, ceiling, Post Corona virus...

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PPP: Paintings, tablets, ceiling, Post Corona virus...

An escape window for patients lying down

This project has been on my mind for quite some time, but it's taking on a whole new meaning and importance in these dark times.
It is a time to think about the day after, a day when it will be welcome to bring joy in the hospital, like a rebirth.

For the past three years, I have been following a treatment at the hospital, in the best possible way, both scientifically and in terms of relationships.

I spend a lot of time lying in hospital beds, in various services, for varying lengths of time. The only thing I deplore is that the ceilings do not offer any visual escape to our eyes of "patient lying down". My artist's gaze suffers from being unable to cling to a coloured touch, from being deprived of any window to the imaginary world. I'm convinced it's the same for most patients. In a medical bed, you don't always get the time to open a book, or even the strength to pull out a computer. While we are being cared for, we look for somewhere to look that is not the needle about to sting us.

This horizontal position is unfamiliar to caregivers and home decorators. I think that's why ceiling art isn't widespread in medical facilities. Yet, being able to escape through colors and shapes would be so precious! It would also provide patients and medical staff with a topic of conversation around the paintings.

My art project for lying patients

By working on colours and emotions, and using my 30 years of experience as a painter, I feel legitimate to take on the job of ceiling decorator. So I developed a very simple concept, inexpensive, hygienic and adaptable to all types of surfaces: PPP Peintures.Pastille.Plafond, or Paintings.Stickers.Ceiling

These stickers are round, like touches of colour to be set up randomly. They can be taped on the ceiling of a room alike a pop-up exhibition. PPPs can be adapted to the patient’s age and to the location; the idea is to have several of them in stock.

  And if a PPP is bothering a patient, it can be removed very easily with a scratch system.

Practical information Technique

I have printed, on a very light and water-resistant cardboard - Fortex -, several
range of stickers that can be arranged in any desired way. A scratch system,

fixed to the back of the stickers and to the ceiling, allows to change the theme regularly in order to create different atmospheres by playing

with quantity, format and colours.

I propose a series of paintings with 2 available formats:
- The 50 cm diameters, suitable for displaying a single painting above a patient; - The 30 cm diameters, generally abstract, arranged in series of three in order to to form a colourful composition.

Green will often be present, as it brings calm and serenity. Blue will allow bits of the sky to come into the closed universe of the hospital. Of course, many other colours will be used, catching our eyes and animating the pictorial compositions.

- For the adults: plants, canopies, clouds, water, but also figurative paintings, abstract paintings and decorative series with variations in lines and shades;
- For children: animals, abstract paintings, representations of children or compositions with hidden characters to be found.

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